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photograph & frame
modular picture framing
2298 Chestnut Street
San Francisco , CA 94123

(415) 563-1303

Monday–Thursday: 10am–8pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am–7pm
Sunday: 11am–6pm

MODULAR PICTURE FRAMING - Museum Quality. All Wood. Locally made. They’ve created a system of standardized mats and frames that can be interchanged to create a variety of design options. they call this “modular picture framing. ”Their museum mats are pre-cut and gallery frames already built – so most of the labor has been completed up front. This is why their prices are, on average, over 40% less than those found at a typical “custom” frame shop. And they use the exact same raw materials.

All that’s left for them to do is professionally insert your photos, posters, and art, which they do in just a few days time, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Their elegant collection of all-wood gallery frames they're built, exclusively for photograph, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and may be found hanging in local galleries, exhibitions, and museums. For odd and oversized pieces, custom-cut mats & frames are also available at the same low price.

Local Photographers. Limited Editions. The photographs in their store they've selected from a variety of local photographers, collections, and archives. Licensed directly, and through agencies & representatives, most of the images they've created “photographically” in a darkroom using Fuji Crystal Archive paper in combination with 3 color lasers and wet-process photographic emulsion.

The result is the very best photographic “C-print” available today; one that will last a lifetime, yielding continuous tone, extraordinary depth of color, and fine detail.

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